Baby keep spitting milk

Hi mummies, my baby is on full formula, past few days she keep spitting milk frequently after feed. Sometimes abit sometimes quite alot. Is it normal? Is it because of overfeed? Or need to burp more? Sometimes even after burping also same thing. But the she never puke out like fountain She started off with 30ml when in hospital and now 11 days old we try to increase gradually till now 50ml per feed. Or is it too much for newborn? Cause as per paediatrician, according to his weight, he may consume 60ml.

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Can try burping half way through her feed then continue feeding. Once done with feeding, don’t lift baby up to burp immediately. Can keep her in feeding position for 3-5 mins, let the milk fully flow into the tummy then only lift her up to burp. Spitting is normal, I’ve checked with my PD and it’s perfectly normal as long as it is not merlion kind of vomit.

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Every baby’s intake is diff. Try to reduce the amount to see if it gets better.