Baby dont burp after feeding

Is it ok if newborn dont burp after feeding? We always try to burp him for few mins sometimes up to 10 mins. There are times he burp, there are times when he dont burp. When he dont burp, we would put him down sideways a little, incase he vomits, he won’t choke on it. Is it ok for baby to not burp after feeding? #firsttimemom

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It's normal for us. We dont always get to hear our little one burp even after trying to burp her for 10min. As long as your little 1 doesn't get colic, all's good. Putting down sideways is fine.. it's a good practice to continue if you're concerned that your little 1 might choke.

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breastmilk or formula? if formula then best to try and burp bc of the air inhaled. my baby is a fast burper, but bc i breastfeed her, i don't find it an issue if she doesn't burp bc latching doesn't inhale air.

depends if baby is latching or drinking from bottle, latching sometimes baby wont burp but if bottle, air will get introduced to baby stomach

yes, normal. but sometimes there will be gas inside the stomach

yes. my boy on formula. he does not burp every feed.

What you are doing is alright+ keep it up!