Bulb syringe or nasal aspirator more effective in clearing baby's nose? Where did you get yours? Any good ones to recommend?

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One of my friends is using this Lucky Baby Easi Clear Nasal Aspirator: https://www.babymall.com.sg/lucky-baby-easi-clear-nasal-aspiration.html Place the white tip at your baby's nose (after applying a few drops of saline solution) and remove the mucus by sucking on the other end. She found it more effective than bulb syringe in clearing her daughter's nose.

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I like to use NoseFrida to clear baby's mucus. If your baby is prone to having runny nose try to let baby to sleep in non-aircon room at night. Before using nasal aspirator, you can use Sterimar Nasal Spray to spray first so it will be easier to suck out using NoseFrida. You can get NoseFrida from Mothercare at about $22.

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