Bub perspires a lot, even when aircon is on, but say at 24-25 degrees. How can I better train her not to perspire so much?

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Many ppl have the misconception that if u are in an aircon room u will not sweat. if u put wet clothes to dry in an aircon room would it dry faster than in a windy place?? The key is to have wind. if u put lo in the direction of blowing wind, he will be less likely to have perspiration on his body; it would have evaporated quickly. you can keep the aircon at 25 or even 26°c but have a fan in the room at low speed and oscillating. This will be much more effective than keeping aircon at 16°c. N it is impossible to 'train' a person to not perspire, u can only provide the conditions to reduce or remove perspiration

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Is your baby swaddled or wearing a footed sleepsuit? If so, you may considering adjusting the temperature down to 18-20degrees. I've read that it is more important to check that your baby is not too cold or too hot. A simple way (as highlighted in this article: http://sg.theasianparent.com/the-ideal-temperature-for-your-babys-room/) would be to place your hand on the base of his/her neck where it meets his/her spine. If you baby is either too hot or too cold, you will feel it there. Hope this helps!

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My baby sweat a lot too. Prolly cos he is v active but at times Even when he is in aircon room and he jumps and roll about he will still sweat. And yes I set aircon at 25 and hv a small fan blowing at us, this helps to keep my son and me cooler and dryer. Quite impossible to train someone not to sweat though cause even me myself and hubby sweats no matter how. lol! Oh ya one thing is give ur baby some water to drink if he/she perspire a lot ya. Keep them hydrated too.

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My baby does the same thing. Is your baby under 3 months? And does he/she only sweat on the head? Cause a newborn baby has no active sweat glands save the ones on his head. You must have realised that your baby's body never sweats. It is only the head that sweats a lot. This is because only the baby's head had active sweat glands. If your baby's head is breaking into sweat, it just means he or she is feeling hot.

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U must b glad if ur LO swears a lot...means she's healthy. jus wipe it off...n dun restrict d sweating glands as she's growing up. JTS, mine sweat till d whole pillow even though aircon was 20deg with fan at 2nd mode. mummy freezing but LO sweating lik tap water. tats my experiences when my LO ard 3rd

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Hi Mommy; what kind of clothes does your baby wear at home? Maybe the clothes she has on are quite stuffy? Try loose fitting cotton and breathable tops and bottoms. I've read that for babies who often sweat across the forehead, using a rotating ceiling fan could better as it moves the air around.

My boy sweat too in aircon 16 degrees when he wear clothes. So i usually strip him & let him sleep in diapers. For me all babies are different. There is no right or wrong, or can or cannot. Just do what you feel its okay. Me and my hub sweat easily too, so its a genes thing.

Perspiring is a normal bodily function to cool your body down when it is over heated. I don't think you can train your baby but perhaps help keep her cool. They are v active now so perfectly normal even in air con. We perspire in the air con gym too!

As I know my mum told me because if child sweat a lot on the head is that the child inner body is too hot, as baby body temperature is higher than we adult that why they keep on sweating.

actually this kind of thing cannot be train. my baby also sweat when in aircon.