Baby And Wedding

Would you bring your one month plus old baby to a wedding? Those that you have to attend because they are relatives and tongues may wag.

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Depends on u. I m in e same scenario but is my sis wedding so will bring my bb along. But will literally put hand sanitizer nearby to warn off relatives. Essentially is quite similar to having 1 month celebration where u have all the ppl around a 1 month old.

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No. The wagging tongues can wag till they’re tired. A one month old’s schedule can’t follow an adult’s schedule. The crying from feeling cold/scared/tired will also cause disturbance to the wedding anyway.

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No unless you have already get hold of the baby “pattern”. Cause sometime LO are just hard to bring around when they are too young. I myself not able to bring baby out when they are 1mo.

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No. There are too many people at wedding and I won’t bring a one month baby as the immunity system is still not weak. This is to prevent catching any illness or infection at the venue.

No.. if have to then I will go by myself. I rather not risking my baby's health. There are always ignorant people trying to touch, kiss and worse, pass your baby around like a toy.


It takes a lot of planning and preparation much less the actual looking after a one month old in a wedding. This can be potentially a very stressful outing. Why bd pressured this way?

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I’d rather not. Wagging tongues aside, It’ll be too crowded and who knows what bacteria the air contains and baby’s immune system isn’t that developed yet.

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Nope. The baby is too young to be in contact with so many relatives unless you can ensure that they don’t get into contact with your baby.

Would prefer not to as this age the baby's immune system is still building and he might catch some bacteria

Eh... I will. Went once that time my LO only 2months But there's no nursing room at hotel. 😢