Hi, my boy just turned 6 months. Would like to know if there is a food schedule that I would have as a guide since he is going to be trying different types of food now apart from milk and when do I give him water.

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You can start by giving solids once a day first, and only a few spoons initially. Let the amount of food and the frequency increase gradually as your son starts taking well to solids. Introduce a new type of food every 3 days (to help identify/isolate allergies), and if he doesn’t like a particular food, no need to force, but keep reintroducing it every few days. It may even take more than 5 attempts to get him to accept something. Some babies have a major drop in milk intake after starting solids, so initially, I would feed my baby milk, before giving the little bit of solids. As she got older, I spread out the milk and solid feeds, with the solids coinciding with the standard meal times for the rest of the family, so that we would always eat together. I did traditional weaning, so I started with purees, and gradually got the food chunkier. Some people like to serve their babies one dish per meal (eg. A bowl of porridge with meat and veg in it), whereas I like giving multiple separate things each meal to keep my little one’s palate excited. You can play around to see what suits you and your boy. Some people also cook fresh food each meal. I have certain things that I cook in larger batches and freeze individual portions of, and certain things that I cook on the spot. I also give certain store-bought things that I can’t make (my daughter gets 4-5 little “dishes” each meal. Haha), so it’s up to you how you want to do it. Have fun!

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You have to decide whether blw or lbw. Follow by deciding to replace a meal or just by giving a little after milk