Help my boy keep crying at night

Usually my 1yr old boy sleep at 10pm. But not sure why recently after he sleep half an hr, he start crying. We try to carry n do whatever we can to let him bck to sleep. But unable. He continue crying after we place him down to the bed. I suspect his teething. Today is the 3rd night again he awake n keep crying. May I know how to solve the night teething so that he can sleep peacefully at night?

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Hello Mummy! Sorry to hear your baby has been in discomfort recently. It's really confusing to know whenever they cry and we don't know why. The culprit may be his teething. Have you tried giving him a teether to soothe the pain? This article might also help:

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Have you tried teething gel? And sleeping earlier as it could also be due to overtired.