Feeding less, sleeping more. How long will this last?

Hi. My boy is 8 weeks 4 days old today. He is sleeping well. But refuse to drink milk (formula), when given milk in between naps while awake. daily intake has dropped to about 400ml per day. Wondering how long will this phase last, as it is worrisome. Pls help, thanks!

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Hi Angeline, may I ask for your experience through this phase? my baby is about 7+ weeks and now seems to be in this phase. i am first time mom so am quite worried. thanks for posting this question for me to learn

Super Mum

Hey Angeline, Don’t worry too much about it. Every baby is different and like us, may eat/drink less at times. As long as he has wet nappies and is happy, there’s nothing to worry about.

mine too at 9 wks.. i think it due to growth spurt or leap.