Stomach hurts

Bloated stomach, vomiting whatever I eat except for liquids, diarrhoea and farting alot and having gastric. What to do?

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Take smaller meals. I drank alot of soup in the first trimester because i have no appetite at all. I took cereal drink, ginger tea, red date tea to keep me warm. My body was in so much changes that i think it have all these symptoms. I had diarrhoea, burps and farts too. Then i had very bad constipation. Thank god it went away after few weeks or maybe 1 month. I hope its also only a phase for you.

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I had ginger tea during my first trimester to relieve discomfort. I also avoided oatmeal and milk as I noticed that my stomach becomes more bloated when I took them. As for food, I eat frequent small meals (more like snacks portion). Those that doesnt have strong smell such as porridge, fruits, chicken and fish soup without herbs.

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Are you in your first trimester, I experience those as well... its will get better on second trimster... push on mans, you got this

I had that in my first trimester. I drink gaviscon if it gets too bad.. second n third trimester all is good aldy.

I took hot milo to ease the pain...