Constant stomach discomfort

I'm abt 8 weeks pregnant and have been feeling constant stomach discomfort 😔 I only eat small portions but get bloated very fast and the bloated feeling lasts for hours. I can suddenly go to the other extreme of feeling hungry to the point of gastric. Anyone experiencing the same symptoms? It is making me feel so so miserable 😭😭#advicepls

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Hello! I have the same discomfort. As suggested by doctor is to eat small portion each time but more meal. I try to drink milo in the morning, 2hr later had some nuts or biscuits. Now 11 weeks i lost 2kg cause I didn’t eat a lot

hi, i am feeling the same as you.. having doctor medicine or gastric... i couldn't sleep well at night too. does it apply to you as well ?

I have this problem too. almost every night ! I feel crippled by it :(

avoid fried/ spicy / deep fried. eat more fibre food.