Bio oil is not working on my stretch marks! Any other tried and tested methods to get rid of my stripes?

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I would like to recommend Mustela StretchMark Cream. I like the light smell and not very oily. Also, it is made of natural ingredients and doesn't contain chemicals (no parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, bisphenols A and S, ca eine and alcohol). The main ingredient is Avocado peptides, which help to increase skin's elasticity. Also, it is safe to be used during breastfeeding. You can purchase it online here and it costs about $60 for 250ml. I used Clarins Oil during my first pregnancy, and Mustela for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. So far I do not have any stretchmark on my belly. The reason I switched to Mustela is partly because Clarins Oil is too oily for me. Some tips to share when applying any brand of stretchmark cream/oil: - apply right after shower so the skin can absorb it faster - apply in circular motion on the belly and gently massage it (not too hard) - apply on thighs too as the areas will get stretchmarks due to expansion.

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For me... Its gone naturally

You can apply DL ICARE organic oil sister .. for me it’s work 100% .. I’m using during my first pregnancy .. so far no stretch mark .. now with 3rd child journey ..

How to conceive baby girl???does anyone know?

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Nabasa ko lang po ha, hehe not sure if mag work. Pero based po sa nabasa dapat daw po mag DO kayo ni hubby before ka ma fertile. Kase ang sperm daw po ng baby girl mas matagal nabubuhay sa loob natin compare sa sperm na baby boy so may chance na pagka fertile na kayo and buhay pa yung sperm baby girl siya yung makakapasok sa bahay bata natin ☺. Days din daw siya before mamatay. So try niyo po mag do ni hubby niyi ng mga 2 days or 1 days before kayo ma fertile ☺. P.S. nabasa ko lang po siya online 😅

Im using L’occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil. Its really Good.

Maybe try the Weleda Pregnancy Oil. It's primarily recommended for preventative stretch markcare, but since the act of massaging the skin can also improve existing stretch marks, this may be a good product for those with existing stretch marks. Ingredients include sweet almond, jojoba oil, and arnica. It is safe to use from the beginning of pregnancy, up to three months before giving birth.

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Some of my friends tried Clarins Tonic Oil and found it effective for them. You could give it a try! You can also try making this DIY stretchmark cream. The author used it for both her pregnancies and did not have any stretchmarks (and she mentioned that she has had stretchmarks on her legs when she gained weight during her non pregnant period):

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Great. Thank you! 😊

They will take months to go xx

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