Which infant care is better?

Hi between my first skool and pcf sparkletot, which one is better? As I’m sending in my 2mth LO. TIA

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Hi... its quite subjective to say which is the better one. Its all up to you and your preference. All infantcare works the same. Would be good to personally take a look in the centre and note the cleanliness of the envt, the teachers, child:teacher ratio, daily time table and programmes. In all, a safe envt for ur baby to grow and be happy in.

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Every centre is different. Visit the centre to check out the facilities, talk to the admin/teachers and ask as many questions as you need before making a decision.

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Hi mummy! Do check out the school environment and the teachers in the centres before you decide. Trust your mummy instincts! :)

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Hi... I suggest you visit both centre to evaluate the centre facilities, teachers and cleanliness.m before you decide

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Hmmm...I heard that mfs is better that sparkletots but I think you should gather more reviews from mommies forum(:

It's better to check out the centre

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