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hi. anyone sent your infant to infant care when they are as young as 4 mo? Does anyone have experience with My First Skool infant care? what kind of activities they do with infants as young as 4mo? Can share any positive/negative results on the baby, especially in terms of development, after sending the baby to MFS infant care? #firstbaby #firsttimemom

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Painfully sent my LO there a little pass 2 months cos nobody help to take care. First few days is a disaster. He can’t sleep well in sch. Waking up every 15-30mins. Which breaks my heart even more. he can’t play with the other infants too so all he did was lay there looking at tchers. But the good thing is.. when he’s a little older, tcher start to teach him how to hold his bottle, practice his motor skills with him. My LO can now sleep on his own and hold his own bottle. Kudos to the teacher for being so patient with my LO

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depends on which branch. honestly my sis sent her boy at 2 months to My First Skool near her house and she is not happy that the teachers there are not attentive enough. she felt that they did not sanitise their toys and furniture as my nephew was unwell for 3 times there in a month.

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firstly, the boy is 2 months old. we , as infant teachers, will place the younger infants on the baby cot so that the older infants won't disturb them. and we can't be 24/7 to look at the younger infants. but we will ensure that diapering and feeding are in time. and we will ensure that if the baby cries, we will definitely carry. secondly, are you sure that the teachers did not sanitise their toys and furniture? we are operating from 7am to 7pm every day. we will start to wash toys and sanitiser 6.30pm or even after 7 pm. and every sat most of the childcare are open and we will come in at 7am to 2pm to clean the place. you can't blame the teachers for the child to be sick. not only 1 baby is there. they are other babies, too. so one gets sick, and all will get sick. you must understand the position of being an infants teachers. it is not as easy as you think it is. and, furthermore, 2 months already sent to school, his vaccine is not fully yet. so that's why he gets sick. please spare