Time management as a working mom

As a mummy, especially if you’re a working mum you will know that it’s near impossible to be free or even have your me/alone time. Cause half of our day is at work and when we’re back at home there’s laundry, cleaning, cooking and playing time with your child waiting for you. So time management is very important for us. How do we balance our work, family and also find time for ourself to unwind. For myself, thanks to the flexibility from my work it allows me to squeeze out some free time in between my meetings to attend cooking/baking lessons. That precious 2hours allows me to put everything aside temporary and unwind a little. I will also catch up with my drama whenever possible when my girl takes her nap/sleep. It’s important to schedule some me time despite your busy schedule it allows you to be recharged. Share with me how do you find time in you busy schedule for yourself and what do you usually do to unwind/destress.

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Super Mum

I make art and craft like crochet or embroidery, the repetitive actions help me relax and feel very zen ☺️

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2mo ago

That’s very nice! 😍 It’s great to have an activity to keep you zen & relax.