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Hello, It's been a week since I found out I was pregnant and confirmed in the polyclinic I went. An estimated prediction of pregnancy was 7 weeks. I had talks with the father of the child, he was actually happy about the whole pregnancy (he haven't think about the future yet, but was just happy that he could be a father). After a few days and confirmation of pregnancy, we had a talk about our future and also a referral to KKH for scans. I told him that if he did not want the baby, we should go ahead for abortion and not waste more money on scanning and all - which he did think and he also was given a few days to 'calculate' and think about our future. I was actually heading towards abortion because it was too sudden and we are not that ready both financially and because of our families (my family doesn't like him a lot and his mother don't like me at all) But because he was so happy earlier on when I broke the news, I was very invested in trying to ensure I take good care of my body for the pregnancy and maybe my thoughts changed for abortion. When he came back to me upon going through all the reflections and thinking, he told me maybe abortion would be a better choice for our situation. I was half happy because it was something I wanted but at the same time I cried alot at the choice he had also decided, it was maybe because I was so invested in this whole pregnancy I wanted to keep the baby - even though I am worried about the future. Please advice if it would be better to go for abortion instead of giving birth in this situation because I am torn on this.

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Please don't abort. You are taking away one's life. You may regret for life if you terminate. There must be a reason the baby choose both of you as his/her parents, so please accept. There are many couples want to conceive but unable to, so please think thrice. As long as the baby's father is a good and right man for you, you may ignore his mother or your family likings. They will change when time to come. Financial wise, don't worry too much. Just provide whatever both of you can afford and spend wisely. Don't compare with others. 船到桥头自然直. 🌈💪

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Whatever issues and choices made in the past that had distant your aunt and you, I believe she still dote you as she took care of you since you were young. Perhaps have an outing and dinner with her during this festive season, and let her know your situation. She may be disappointed and feel painful but she will definitely support you. Meanwhile, be careful on your diet, take folic acid and fish oil. Don't worry too much. You should be happy and enjoy your pregnancy. Remember no matter how bad the situation may be, it will soon be over and awaits us are scintillating days. 💪🌈🍀