Its been 1 week since im back from hospital after deliver my son via emergency c sect. But i still having difficult get off from bed with pain. I can turn to my side cause of pain especially down there.

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I had emergency c sec too and allergic to all painkillers. The first week was a pain in the a**... but gynae and nurses encouraged me to walk more while I was in the hospital as walk helps to reduce the pain and make it easier to recover. True enough, getting up from bed took my half day but once I started walking, the pain kinda become more bearable. I think it’s the beginning of every action change that will cause the pain to be unbearable (ie: from sitting to standing, standing to first step of walking).. when you need to cough/sneeze, press (using palm) on your wound so that it will hold it down and not make it more painful - my hubby helped me pressed on my wound while I cough my phlegm out. If not I probably would have enough strength to press and cough.

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4y ago

Now I’m at my 3rd week pp, wound still pain but definitely much better then while I was in hospital... I can move around and get out of bed on my own..

Hello dear. It takes sometime to recover from c section. Just take rest. Take care of yourself and your baby :)

Hi Mum, Yes it takes time to recover and heal. Do take proper rest and it will be all be fine soon

please eat the painkillers that doctor prescribed and wear binder if you need to move around

U need to give yourself more time.. I'm normal delivery and it took me 3 weeks... 😔

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If the pain is unbearable please consult your gynaecologist take care!


it takes time to heal just rest well on bed during confinement

Take care!! Takes time to recover..