Pelvic pain after c sect?

A week after C sect I have difficulty waking up from bed, the pain is so annoying Going to bed seems easier now Water retention is still there I noticed whenever i fart, pee and poop the stitch will sting. Anyone experience the same?

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Hi, i am 5 months post partum from a c sect and its totally normal what you are feeling! There is an easier way to get up from bed. Roll to side with knees together and push urself up upwards with one arm first. I kept doing this even now 5 months after. Sometimes i still get pain from the wound whenever i laugh or cough too much 😅 please remember that everyone heals differently at different paces! Just be sure to not overwork yourself :)

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6mo ago

Oh no 5m pp still like that 😭 thanks for sharing ur experience. Yeah i watched that video on how to get up but sometimes i dont have the strength to push😅😂

It’s normal. My water retention lasted for abt 2 weeks (heard it’s due to all the drips), I use the herbal for bath to soak my feet, and the water retention at my feet subsided after 2 days of soaking (it works!!). Farting n pooping I will feel the cramps, but stitch stings is normal

I’m 4mths pp so far my wound is ok, sometimes it stings a teeny weeny bit but most of the time I feel normal. Maybe continue to eat the painkillers for the time being? See if it helps with the toilet businesses that engage ab muscles

6mo ago

Yes I can, since I got home. I placed a foot stool next to my bed so I don’t have to stretch out my legs too much (our bed is quite high)

Hi I went to see a pelvic floor physio - look for wan hui at City Osteo Physio. Felt a lot better after seeing her. I also did c sect.

6mo ago

I went after 5 weeks so don’t need to wait for 3m.