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Izzit safe to put our 2 month child at infant care or hire a maid to look after while me and my wife go working ?

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had that struggle back then too. in the end we chose to hire a helper. but we set her priorities right that baby should be her main scope and everything else is secondary. we also took some time to teach her our preferred way of getting things done. afterwhich we hands off and allowed her to apply what she had learnt (with close supervision). I guess we were pretty lucky. she has been great managing on her own for the past 6 months and loves our daughter too. not the best in housework but I can still give and take because she takes great care of my LO.

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I prefer infant care than maid alone, unless there is family member together with maid.

Maid , if you can find trusted one . or else Infant care. It is not bad too.

if im not mistaken infant care starts at 6months?

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2 months can accept for ifc

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