My baby still don't have teeth. Now my baby is about 8 month. Is it normal?

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My baby took almost 10 months. After 1y his teeth comes out so fast. Now 1y4m he got 6 tooths.. Nurse said, it's OK.. Dont worry As long others development Such soft skills is on the track.

My baby just got his 1st teeth. This week his age 9month. So, i think is a normal.. 😅

Normal. My baby have one teeth at 11m. Ada juga baby yg 1 tahun baru tumbuh gigi

my nephew had his first tooth when he was 12 months old

normal..my baby 10 month 30 day just got teeth 😊

10 months just like my baby now can see the teeth.

Same...my baby 8month also don't have teeth..

bby sy 11 bulan baru tumbuh gigi ..


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normal sis