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My baby's poop these days are greenish + Yellowish. Previously her poop is always yellowish She is 3M old and have been on formula since newborn. She took her 3 months immunization jab and oral rotavirus dose 1 few days back, she also had fever so i gave paracetamol prescribed by doctor for 2 days. Now she has no more fever only that her poop these few days changed colour. Is this because of the jab or medication? Or purely because of formula?

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I have asked the doctor the same question before. She mentioned if baby is fully FM fed, the poop can be greenish/yellowish. It is fine.

2y ago

Thank you! 😊

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My 3b weeks baby also changed to green. From website they say its still OK.

It is normal. It is due to the formula usually.

Green = Okay Yellow = Frightened

2y ago

Occasionally can give baby between 5 to 10ml of plain warm water. Or drink a bit also can. Note: Feed Warm plain water in moderation.

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Should be OK(:

yes tats fine

Yes it’s ok

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green is okay