Baby poo immediately after each feed, now having bad rash. Any recommendations of creams or home remedies for diaper rash?

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Use desitin (purple tube) and apply generously. Ease down to desitin (blue tube) and then Angel baby bottom balm when you see an improvement in condition. Refrain from using chemical wet wipes (ie. pigeon) as well. Dap instead of wipe the butt. Ensure your last wipe is pure water (I use cotton balls dipped in warm water). Chemical residue and wiping/abrasion can cause irritation on their gentle skin, especially with that frequent diaper changes.

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6y ago

Poor thing. Maybe try to air the butt by going diaper free whenever possible.

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If it's too bad, maybe see a GP or PD advises, increase u need fungus cream or mild steroid cream to heal it than maintain it with diaper barrier cream. Make sure everytime you clean his s***/pee, you must clean properly especially if u use desitin cream, as most people tend not to clean properly before they reapply.

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Apply mamaearth diaper rash cream.It gives rapid relief from rashes and is very much effective.

After every diaper change u can try put nivea creme to avoid diaper rash....✌

Yes. Doing it this today. hopefully will get recover soon.

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Desitin works well for us. Also use Angels baby bottom balm

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You can apply egozite for fast relief as t contains zinc.

U can try Made4baby potty barrier cream

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Desitin Rapid Relief (blue)

Earth mama bottom balm