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Hi fellow mummies. Recently, my LO is having bad nappy rash. Would like to ask opinions from fellow mummies is Desitin, Drapolene or Sudocream good for bad nappy rash? TIA.

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Drapolene was my first and it didnt worked, changed to bepanthen, wasnt that good either.. nanny recommended desitin(blue-for mild cases) and it worked well.. if the rash is really bad, maybe you can try the desitin (purple-more severe cases)..

I used Drapolene all the way cause seems like her skin suits it. I guess all these kinda things needs trial and error. Better to buy one first to do a trial and error. Once baby is suitable with that particular brand, then can buy in bulk.

Hi mummies. I'm the one who posted this qns. Would like to update. I tried Desitin for my LO but it doesn't help. Tried Sudocream, and it works like magic. 2nd day apply and the nappy rash subsides alottt! Thank you all for the suggestions.

I used Desitin, Mustela and Lucas Papaw ointment for my LO. Personally I used desitin first to calm the nappy rash, once it subside then I will use either Mustela ( As it has vitamins) or Lucas Papaw ( as it contain antibacterial )

Good creams but I personally find that Thomsonbaby’s nappy cream & Aloe vera ESI gel works best for my LO. I have been applying it for my LO everyday, no nappy rash since then. :)

Above mentioned Brands are good. Most impt inngredient is zinc oxide.

for bad nappy rash, can tey desitin maximum strength

I am using Drapolene cream for my son. Works well.

This is a good cream for nappy rash

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desitin is the best