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Hi, my baby is now 9 weeks +, he is drinking formula i.e. Frisolac & Dumex. He always cry for feeding every 2 hours except midnight he will only wake up once (4 hours). His weight currently reaches 7kg and he is getting chubbier day by day. I m not sure if his weight consider healthy or i've overfed the baby bcoz i supposed 2 month old baby should demand for milk every 3 to 4 hours instead of every 2 hours. Anyone mind to share ur experience please?

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Before this i gave my son dumex (dupro) but he always cry even just feeding. So i try similac so far my son can stand more than 3 to 4 hr. Maybe the milk cant made your baby full.

3y ago

So far my baby okay. But if my baby start crying i will gave him bf. I gave my baby formula milk fix 4 hr or 3 hr min. Before this during consume dumex my son always wind (kembung perut) & gripping pains after change to similac everything okay. But if you wanna chnge milk make sure monitor his poo poo time. My son max 4 hr will poo poo.

Did you give your baby Frisolac the blue one?

3y ago

i buy RM100. 65. if u want i sell to you half price. but, its okay if u dun want 😅 im just asking

Maybe the baby only wants cuddle instead of milk, mommy.

3y ago

Hi,i did cuddle him but he still stays uncalm. He will start crying out loud and can only solve when we feed him milk.

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Always feed when the baby wants, on demand