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My baby is having cradle cap spreading all over face n head. Any parents out there having same issue? How did you solve it? I have been oiling with olive oil on baby hair and skin for 15-30 min before bath. I wipe away the olive oil without rinsing with any shampoo. I gently rub my baby scalp and face/ear to remove cradle cap but it keeps appearing and spreading to more places such as side of scalp. Any more solutions to improve situations?? I have tried this for almost 3 weeks and cradle cap still alot. Am planning to purchase cradle cap comb + mustela foam shampoo to try. TIA ----Edit----- I bought the cradle cap comb + mustela foam cleansing. 1) before bath, oil baby hair with olive oil for 5 min 2) using comb dip in water, scrub baby scalp till forehead gently in circular motion for around 5 min 3) foam up shampoo onto baby hair and scrub with comb for 5-10 min on baby scalp till forehead 4) rinse off with clothe for a few times until shampoo is gone 5) wipe baby scalp with clothe to remove debris of dead skin I have been doing for w 2 days and baby cradle cap has improved alot. I'm wondering how to clean her ears and eyebrow. Will be trying soft toothbrush

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I used the cradle cap comb. Use the comb during and after shower. Btw, you need to use shampoo to wash away the oil. Sometimes, leftover olive oil also makes it worse so you have to wash it away. I used Dentinox. Initially used olive oil for my girl but noticed that it got worse. You can try Colief baby oil. I used it for my girl. Only took 2 days and the cradle cap cleared.

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Mustela foam shampoo worked for mine, slowly cleared up within a week-ish. You can try! Personally i dont like using oil - difficult to wash off plus i feel oily residue isnt good for a baby’s scalp.

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I applied the Bebble facial cream after the bath, and the cradle cap gradually went away:)

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The eyebrow one was maybe 2 weeks. Behind the ear was about a month

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I use vaseline b4 bath. Not too sure it helps or she outgrow that stage.

Consult ur pd Coconut oil Don’t wash so much

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Best to consult the pediatrician asap