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Can baby eat chawanmushi??

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Chawanmushi has both egg yolk and white in it right? So it鈥檚 not suitable for babies who haven鈥檛 tried the yolk at ~8 months and egg white at closer to 12 months old separately to check for egg allergies. Store bought ones also have salt and salty ingredients like the fish cake/crab meat, so it鈥檚 not suitable for babies

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Super Mum

Depends on how old? It's recommended to introduce eggs after 8 months, and in very tiny amount at first. Although if you feed baby store-bought chawanmushi it's seasoned for adults so the salt level might be too high for baby. Homemade one without salt should be OK.

Starts with small portion to check is your baby allergic to it. Hope this article helps :

Hi, Better to feed chawanmushi once the baby is 8 months old and also see if the baby is okay with the test of egg yolk specially


Only introduce eggs to baby after you have test they are ok with it.

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Depends on the age...馃 After 8 months will be better