Rash after fever

My baby develop rash all over after fever...is this normal?

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Yes happen to my baby too. Went off after 5 days for mine but was quite scary to me at first, monitor make sure pee & poo is ok, baby is also active and happy.

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Viral fever rashes are common and harmless. But if you’re not sure whether it’s a viral rash or due to something else, bring baby to see a doctor?

Yes but do observe it for some days and if it still persists, please visit the doctor

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Do check with doctor as the rash coukd be hfmd and contagious

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usually yes, but if it doesn't go away need to see doctor

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probably roseola/fake measles, my girl had it once

Thank u all for the valuable advise!

Yeap..But better monitor

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Could be hand foot mouth