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Our baby daughter is turning 11 months old soon. However recently she kept sleeping very late, say around 12am or 12.30am daily. We tried many ways, coaxing, firm tone but often difficult to get her to sleep, she just seem hyper active and wants to crawl here and there despite we could tell that her eyes are tired or sleepy. Is there any effective way to coax a baby to sleep earlier and better?

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my 10mo girl is like that too. her daddy made it into a habit when i had to work night shift last time 😑 now im home aka quit my job, its a constant battle to put her to sleep. i told her firmly its bedtime and i let her to have last 5mins of playtime. once times up, i bring her to her sleep area, ready with milk. i read somewhere babies doesn't need to be full to sleep. so i tried giving abt half of her usual milk intake. once thag settle, everytime she wants to play again, i would put her back lying down. keep doing it till she gets that its time to sleep. be firm even when shes crying, explain nicely to her while hugging her. cut down the timing slowly. intial is 1230am. try set a routine by 12am. then 1130pm, then 11pm and so on. it takes time too. oh also its good if baby wakes up early so its easier to cut down the time. you can also have warm shower for her before bedtime. for my girl nap time +-9am wakeup (quite late but itsok) +-12pm nap +-3pm nap +-6pm nap +-9-10pm sleep (some times it can be unpredictable and it stretches to 1230am😅)

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Try not to let her sleep so much during the day time. My son used too be like this but now he is 3 months and he sleep as early as 9pm all the way till 5.30am for his milk after that wakes up at 9.30am or even 10.30am. I will always tell him is bed time so you have to go to bed, tomorrow morning when you wake up then you can have your play time. 9.30am wakes up 10.30am shower 11.30am nap time 12 or 1pm wakes up for milk and play time 3pm or 4pm nap till 6pm if not at times he totally never sleeps all the way till 8 or 9pm drink his milk and KO

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