Can baby above 6 months bath in cold water?

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Super Mum

Not advisable even for 1 year old babies as they can catch cold easily.

Super Mum

Theyโ€™re still quite vulnerable. Warm water would be more suitable

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Best Lukewarm bah

not advisable? Lukewarm would be good

Not advisable

My bby is three month old and sometimes I bathe her under the tap without warm water (if she soiled herself and we want to clean her fast). She seem fine and did not cry. Didn't know that it is not recommended. Glad I came across this. ๐Ÿ™Š

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Super Mum

Not advisable as babies can still catch a cold below 1 year old.

Luke warm water pls

Why would u wanna bathe your LO in cold water even?

No. Not too cold