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Hi mummies, did you give water to your baby below 6 months ? Mil ask to give my 3 weeks old baby water, but I heard water isn’t good for baby below 6 months.

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Till 6 months it should only be breast milk for the baby



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No water before 6 months. Breastmilk or formula is sufficient before that

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Not earlier than 6 months!

No i never offer water to my son when he was below 6 months .

not at all! babies below 5/6 months must not drink water.. their tummies and kidneys are still not matured yet to digest water and they might get water intoxication or not enough nutrients. There was a case where an infant died because the mother add water to her breast milk.

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I gave in small quantities if needed. I think you got to decide based on situation, anything check with your pd.


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If you are breastfeeding then water is not necessary for baby. Else can give abt 5ml a day.