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My 6 month baby has been drinking less milk (range from 20ml to max 70ml) every 3-4 hours in the day, as compared to evening feeds (120ml). He sleeps at 8pm and usually has 2-3 night feeds. I believe he’s waking up more at night as he’s not drinking enough in the day. Initially I thought it could be due to me not being with him in the day as my MIL take care of him, but it’s the same during the weekends. Is this normal as he has not started to solid yet and what can I do to get him to drink more in the day?

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It does seem like he's drinking quite little for a 6 month old. My boy's average is 180-210ml per feed, every 3-4hrs. Mix fed BM and FM, and Cerelac or puree meal 2-3 times a day. Perhaps, you may want to try upgrading the level of his bottle teat. My 6mo boy too recently drank less than his usual but aft changing, he's back to drinking his normal amt. Also, it wld be good to start solids for him, it'll help him to feel full longer. My baby no longer wakes up multiple times at night and wld usually slp frm 11pm to 5 or 6am straight since 5 months when I started solids for him.

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