Milk Strike

My 2.5 months old baby is rejecting milk, both bm and fm. She struggled and kick a fuss whenever we tried to feed her. The only time she willing to drink peacefully is the 5am feed. From an avg of 700ml per day, she is only drinking on avg 400ml now. I have tried changing bottle and teats, and even dreamfeed. Yet nothing seems to work. Anyone facing this problem?

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hi! mind sharing what was the progress for your baby after that? I'm in the same situation as you 😣 we observed our boy drools alot lately and keeps touching his gum. went to PD 3 weeks ago for his colic and has resolved. So most likely milk rejections not due to colic... my boy is 3 mth now, and has been rejecting milk for 2 weeks plus..

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Hi, my baby is about 3m old and has also started fussing when drinking. She even cries badly when I try to feed her. She used to drink 500 to 600ml but has dropped to 400 plus. Read somewhere that it is due to a mental leap which causes babies to lose appetite for abt a week.

I did have this issue and went to PD and PD think baby had slight colic so gave ridwind and probiotics and after that was much better..

I'm having something similar now. Baby milk intake drop. How is yours now?

feed more solid

2y ago

No solid at 2.5 month