My baby is 13 months old but yet not started walking.. How can I help him to walk soon?

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hi mom, most babies do not start walking till they are about 14 to 15 months of age. even then, they barely start. so please do not be so worried or in such a rush, as different babies reach milestones at a different age. as a mom with two kids, i would say don't push him to it. instead, make it fun. you can place a toy just out of reach and encourage him to try and reach towards it. help him hold on to furniture and try moving around the house. place him on your toes in a standing position and walk around with him. he will surely enjoy this a lot :)

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don't worry mom, your baby still has enough time to start walking. i am sure you've seen some babies walk by the time they are 12 months old, but then, there are also babies who start walking by the time they are 16 months old, and all of this is absolutely natural :) massage your baby's legs to improve his blood circulation and make his bones stronger. also, you can encourage him to walk by holding out toys just out of his reach and asking him to come get them. don't over exert him though, and don't please stress yourself either.

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Hi, Why are you in so much hurry? Let him do that in his own pace. He will eventually walk. Yes, that may be a little late or early as compared to what may be other kids time of walking would be but is not that okay! Otherwise you can help him walk with support of things around like, table, chair, bed, etc., and then with the help of your hand. Stand a little far say two steps away from him and call him towards you. This way you can encourage him taking big steps.

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6y ago

Thanks alotttt for ur answer