My 16m was down with viral infection previously but has since recovered. However she still has running nose for almost a week Other than this, she is ok overall, eating and playing well. Should I continue to monitor or bring her to the PD?

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I would propose continuing to monitor for a couple more days. It is not uncommon for symptoms to last for one to two weeks. If other symptoms develop or if it persists beyond two to three weeks, it may be good to bring her to the doctor again just to ensure that it is not a symptom for other condition. In the meantime, plenty of rest and fluid is important. Take care! Hope she feels better soon!

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You can continue to monitor her. Importantly that her fever is no longer there.It would mean that she is on the road to recovering. If her running nose is still persisting for a month, do bring to the doctor for some flu medication which will speed up her healing process.

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