baby teething biscuit

Hi all, just asking if it is safe for an almost 5 month old to have the teething biscuit?

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Super Mum

If your baby can sit up unsupported with good neck support, loses the tongue thrust reflex and is generally interested in food, you can try giving some solids. If not, it’s better to wait. The teething biscuit must be easy to dissolve etc.

2y ago

Hi, u have the brand for the easy dissolve biscuit? Thanx for the ans too

Super Mum

If it's the really hard teething rusk that's fine, it's mostly for baby to chew and suck on but it dissolves very slowly. You should monitor baby very closely though!

Not advisable, was advised by a dietician to only give biscuits when baby turns 8m

2y ago

Oh, but we did not see any dietician, maybe wait for PD instructions. Thanx

Super Mum

I wouldn’t give. I would give actual teethers

U can try sophie the giraffe teether

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Not advisable to give now..

I wouldn't give