Asking for friend: Do you have any recommendation for a good confinement nanny? I just got cheated by the one I booked as she has totally no experience. The nanny mentioned she saw a lot of baby before...but she does not even dare to carry new born and bath them.

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That's really unfortunate - I personally decided not to go with a confinement nanny and instead chose to hire a night nurse to help me out. I got Nanny Saro from Gleneagles to help out for 2 months. You can google for her contact details.

hi if ur friend still need a confinement lady do drop mi a msg. 85754305. i'm working in a confinement agency. i might be able to help u.

Oh dear that must be really difficult. There is a mom here on Parent town offering nanny services. If you are keen, let me know.

i'm working for a gf's agency company for cls.. if u need one u can contact mi at 85754305..

Pm me. I have a friend who is a confinement nanny. Let me know if you are keen.

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I would recommend your friend to get a proper nanny from PEM agency.


your friend need confinement nanny

what's your budget?