c-section schedule at which week ?

Hi just to ask as my #1 was emergency c sect so i not sure if is plan c-section should be at which week .

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Go natural, c sect is only good for doctor, not mum and baby. Only c sect when medically necessary. Pro c sect doctors earn alot more, work according to their schedule but kids may develop wet lungs, does not have all the natural immune system which baby gets by going through the birth canal with all the good bacteria. Nothing good for mum and baby, only for doctor. That's why you see the doctor so pro c sect. Earn extra fees, op theatre, extra stay in hospital etc

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It’s case by case. Usually week 38 and above. Some high risk cases will be on week 37. Usually gynae will take a look at mom and baby’s condition then decide the delivery should be on which week.

scheduled 8 days before EDD. mine was not by choice but because my baby was in breech position thats why had to do csec

mine was 37 weeks, best to finish 37 weeks to ensure your child organs are developed

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Using one to two weeks before edd. Gynae should be able to advice... :)


my gynaecologist advice is anytime 37 to 38 weeks is the best

Mine is scheduled 10 days before EDD


After 37 weeks which is full term.

Mine's 39weeks, 1 week before edd


complete week 37 at least