As I am not BF mum and my baby is 100% formula feeding. She is nearly 6 months old. Should I give her more weaning food?

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My son is about the same age as yours and is 100% formula fed as well. It's important to know that solids should not be supplimenting his milk at this age. At this age, babies are experimenting with different varieties of food, textures and taste. For me, my son started out with half an avocado although most never acually got into his mouth. Now that it's been 3 weeks, he can easily clean up half a slice of pumpkin, or about half of Fuji apples. Different babies have different appetite, so it's mostly trial and error with them.

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The amount of food intake for your baby depends on his/her appetite and you should start offering slowly in the beginning, instead of replacing formula milk feedings. This is due to baby below 1 year old, milk is still the main source of food for them. Here is a guide on how much solids will baby take during the start: You can refer to this website for baby's first food (6-8months) suggestions:

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