Are you planning on finding out the gender of your baby?

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When I was in my first trimester, many mothers already knew the gender of their babies as they had done Harmony tests. I didn't, and only got to find out in week 22. There is a lot to prepare for a baby, and knowing the gender early on gives you ample time to purchase clothing and items, You could use this to "find out" the gender of your baby and see if it is true when you do your detailed scan.

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Yes. My consideration is I want to get a nice clothing for my baby, esp. for photo props. Also, found that unisex clothes are not always fun, some has dull color like grey and black or somewhere in the darker hue of any color. I felt like giving my baby colourful stuffs will help with recognition of colours, especially in this covid situation where my baby won’t get most of his/her time outside to see colourful sceneries.

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Yes. Even for my no.3 baby I wish to know the gender as early as possible. By knowing the gender, I can decide on the name and start bonding with the baby. Most of all the baby's siblings are able to bond with the baby too by calling little brother/little sister even before baby is born. In addition, I am able to start shopping for clothes and baby necessities for baby boy or baby girl.

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I was pretty excited to know the gender of my baby. Mainly because it would be the start of my endless shopping, and also because I could start thinking of names for my baby

yes I did and have a boy so you got one girl and one boy now have a other boy

I want it to be a surprise reveal but husband says otherwise 😅

i can't wait. iam that anxious and so does my husband 🤭

yes. but my baby is not having right position in my womb.


I am in 12 weeks can't wait 🤗