folic acid

appeton folic it good for pregnant mummy?

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Tulis jawapan

After married, i started consume appeton folic acid but unfortunately it makes me dizzy for one whole day, but im forcing myself until i finished 1 tablet. The result still same, dizziness. Then i stop. And now i got pregnant, i buy folic acid from pharmacy. I will try to consume again after this pharmacy's finish.

Baca lagi
4y ago

yup.. i try to stop taking this folic acid..wanna to make sure the causes of my dizziness

im taking obimin pluz. it's folic acid and more nutrients. most importantly it's cheaper if you're a member of alpro pharmacy compare to others.

4y ago

rm48+- i think (alpro) rm70++ in watson, guardian etc

ya..i also consume appetton folic acid before i get pregnant. after pregnant, i stop and take kkia folic acid instead.

4y ago

ok sis

Yup. In fact, acid folic are recommended to be consume 3 month berofe you pregnant. Its good for fetus development

4y ago

thanks sis 😀😀

Yes good. I take brand appeton under doctor's advise.

i love it. i consumed that. its good.