Duphaston during 1st trimester

Anyone taking duphaston during 1st trimester?will u bleed more?

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I tink not supposed to bleed more. I had a tear in first trimester then i had to take duphaston to stabilize. Then i had a v scan and ended up at nuh a&e because i was bleeding and passed huge blood clot.. then they jabbed me.. After that i think i stopped only in 2nd trimester... dont worry! Everything will b ok! I am alr almost at the end of pregnancy! Jiayou!

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2mo ago

Thank you! Another two wks i hope! Fingers crossed!

I am on duphaston 6tabs a day since my spotting and it has stopped so now 3tabs a day for the rest of first trimester. It should help you reduce and stop bleeding to stabilise the pregnancy. Works for me, more importantly please keep a positive mind! And listen to gynae ☺️

2mo ago

thanks sharon for the positivity! 😊

I took duphaston for the whole first trimester to help stabilise the pregnancy. It took a while but my bleeding/spotting eventually stopped. Gynae then told me to stop the medication around 2 weeks after i totally had no more bleeding.

2mo ago

Hmm i see. Im not too sure about that… for me the amt of bleeding was q consistent before gradually stopping…. Perhaps you should call up your gynae or the hotline number to check with them? Hope everything will be okay 🙏🏻

I bled up on 2 pads on one night and went into A&E. got a jab and have been on duphastons since. Still having brown discharge that will go up to the whole liner on and off for 2 weeks already. Currently week 10.

2mo ago

hope all goes well & smoothly for u 😊

Me! I had an infection during my pregnancy, which causes bleeding…. currently taking duphaston prescribed by my gynae. No bleeding for me but it does stabilises my pregnancy.

I was on duphaston during the entire 1st trimester. It's supposed to help stop bleeding and help with stabilizing pregnancy

2mo ago

same here

Super Mum

Oral dydrogesterone, can effectively prevent miscarriage in pregnant women experiencing threatened abortion.

Doc gave to reduce chances of miscarriage and any bleeding! Took for a mth.

1mo ago

I actually didn’t bleed much , only spotting for 2 days. But took it to stabilise.

No it should prevent or reduce bleeding.