Anyone still believe that a new baby can bring the parents bad luck?

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In Islam, we believe all newborns, no matter what their parents' religion are, are a blessing, opens all doors of blessings and wealth and goodness, and are pure, with no sins until they reach puberty, where they are accountable of their own behaviours.

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Super Mum

for those who didn't believe in feng shui etc they won't believe for ppl who believe in feng shui there's a saying a baby can bring wealth or good luck. it can bring bad luck too.

Did the new baby bring bad luck like a few family members passed away once he/she born? If no, NO. Newborn are happiness and blessings to the family.

I know someone who treats both her sons differently because she thinks the older one brought her luck, and the younger one brought her bad luck...

My life had been hard and poor all the way but since I haf 2 children in my life, I feel wow ...they gif me happiness etc plus luck too...

Hmm. I thot it is e other way round? It is said tat a baby brings parents gd luck. Passed down from e older generation.

Huh? Totally never hear before? What sorcery is that? Lol. Stupid saying only. How can LIFE itself be bad?

For those old generations yes they will think like that but for new generation they wont even care

Ermmm... Another superstition? Ditch it out of the window. Sorry for being blunt.

I don't care about superstitious stuffs lol. it's too ridiculous