what brand does KKH serve for infant formula milk?

Anyone knows which brand do they currently give the newborn to drink?

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Dulac and Lactogen but you can request for special cases. One time, my baby was admitted and she can't drink other brand except for certain brand, I told the doctor and he demanded a request. Normally if u ask the nurse.. they won't give you

lactogen, I guess all the hospital use the same. cos my lo born in SGH oso use lactogen

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They constantly change so that there’s no “preference “ to a particular brand

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I think Nestle’s Lactogen , you can check with the gynae or the staff

They gave my son dumex-dulac its a pre mixed milk in a small bottle.

My daughter was given lactogen.

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Dumex, my sis just given birth

I thk they serve several brand

Dulac and lactogen