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Hi mummies, can share what formula milk you give to your newborn and the reasons for choosing this brand? #1stimemom

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Hii... To each its own.. If u are the kind who does research on certain nutrients must be in.. etc, then i won't be able to give the right advice. But otherwise, I can share my experience... when I was preg with my 1st one in 2017, my husband did some research and he prefers to go for frisolac. He believes there wouldn't be any problem if u purchase from any countries as packing of the milk powder is strictly in Holland no matter where u purchase from. Only difference we notice over the years is if u get it from Malaysia, the nutrients are slightly different from the singapore ones. Then again, after trying with my first born, he had constipation, hence we had to try and survey for something else which at that point since he had eczema, we gave him nan optipro ha. But for my 2nd born, he was OK with frisolac. So it's really alot of trial and error whether child is okay with it and pocket friendly to parents! So always get the trials first and don't buy big tins for starts.

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