Hi mummies, are there any good pillows for newborns that you can recommend? Or should newborns not use pillows at all?

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From what I've read, newborn does not need pillow. Having a pillow may: - Increase the risk of suffocation: when the baby’s head “sink” into the soft pillow - Increases the risk of SIDS - Lead to overheating: having a pillow may increase the heat between the head and the pillow cover. - Lead to flat head syndrome: due to the constant pressure of sleeping on a pillow - Sprain the neck: when the infant sleeps on a fluffy pillow for long hours And here are some simple tips on how to help your baby sleep well: http://www.thehealthsite.com/pregnancy/have-trouble-getting-your-baby-to-sleep-well-here-are-8-expert-tips-that-work/

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All my 4 kids uses newborn pillow from babysafe as it is latex pillow. It is also believed to be easily to breathe and less hot for baby to lie on. Not forgetting that it gives you the opportunity to the shape the head of the baby.

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I wouldn't even suggest to use pillows. there's risk like suffocation ... anyway they are fine without pillows. even till now my LO 4 months not sleeping on pillow.