3rd Trimester Heartburn and Influx

Anyone knows how to ease the burning pain? Its getting worse. I feel choked up and the burning pain at my throat.

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I'm also in my 3rd trimester. No matter how small the meal I took, the heartburn will still be there when I sleep. I also avoid eating before bedtime and still the same. Sometimes I will force myself to vomit when the influx is very bad. I don't drink much before bed because too lazy to wake up in the middle of the night to pee. I drink alot during the day. Our stomach has been pushed up by our growing baby that's why the terrible heartburn. Try to sleep with your head elevated. Stack on high pillows. Sometimes I sleep in a sitting position. If it's too bad, ask your gynae to prescribe you antacid or something stronger but safe for pregnancy

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My gynae told me to take Diclectin even though it meant for nausea but he said it will helps me as I do experience heartburn with nausea.. He also mentioned I can try take Famotidine if I really can’t take the pain.. But best if you can talk to your gynae.. 😊

I’m in 3rd trim. Feeling the same. Like when I don’t drink water in 2 hrs.. throat seem to hurt. My way of making myself feel better is I eat more fruits n less carbo or healthier carbo. Try to remind myself to drink water at least 1.5 hrs frequently

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have you try gaviscon? If still cant try to avoid food that causes heartburn like spicy,cold or sweet. For me this 3 causes my heartburn. At night try to sleep abit upright. Will help abit

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Eat small meals more often. Do not lie down immediately after meals. Drink more water. These do not eliminate heartburn but helps to minimise the discomfort.

Have you tried asking your gynae for med? If you had one before and its not working anymore, you may ask for a stronger effect.

i know how that feels but i always counter the heartburn by drinking cold water. it makes me feel better.

Take gaviscon