Anyone has failed it before? And what will they do if it fails? Other than sending you to a diet course.

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Diet course and measure glucose level 2x a day before and after a meal. See doc in 2 weeks time. If fail to control, will be on insulin injection daily. GD is to me is quite serious , so I don’t take it lightly. A lot of health complication for both mother and baby. Take care

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I failed. One day diet course. Then diet control. To take glucose test 7 times per day for 3 days in a week and see GD doctor who will monitor your results and baby weight. If worsen, then will be prescribed insulin.

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I failed the 2nd test and yeah am now on this blood test check 7 times a day, twice a week. Feeling pretty miserable that there are so many restrictions on food and drinks :(

If not too high, they will ask you to control your diet but if too high, you need medication like insulin

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I failed the 2nd one by .2 and advise for diet