Traveling right after giving birth

Hi, anyone has experience giving birth in a state, and traveling to another state for confinement? I'm planning to do confinement in my hometown, Kuantan. At first I'm planning to go Kuantan 1 week before my dd. But what if I have emergency and will have to give birth here in Selangor? Is it comfy to travel back to my hometown right after giving birth? Please advise mummies!

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Tulis jawapan
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Hi mommy, it's okay to travel. Just make sure you prepare pillows to make sure you're comfy. 🤗 I've been through 5 hours travels, 2 times after giving birth.

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same to me.. give birth in Penang,,then need to travel to my hometown in Pahang for confinement..its 7 hours ++ journey..hope all is well