Hungry at 1st trimester

Anyone of you feeling hungry in the middle of the night eventhough u had your dinner. I feel like I need to standby midnight snacks at my bedside.. super hungry and I can't sleep

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i am surprised everyone says they get hungry at night. For me the hunger is all the time, not just at night. At night, normally I just eat 1 packet of maggie to quiet the hunger and quickly off to bed. In the daytime, in between main meals, I have to snack time to time. So at work, I have to bring like mandarins, mini apples, prepacked mixed nuts...Sometimes I will buy curry puff etc. Im still trying to figure out what food to snack between meals that is quick and easy and filling. Cos the hunger is no joke. Luckily I dont have much of a sweet tooth. But I am picky. I once eat a very filling rice. 3 hours later I start starving again as though I havent eaten for 5 hours! I had no choice but to ignore it, which results in a bloated stomach from gastric and I wanted to puke so bad. snacks are important 😅

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I found out i was pregnant at 4 weeks and am now in 6 weeks. I keep feeling hungry and i eat more than usual. I also make it a point to eat supper. Either a cup of milo or milo with biscuits. Because if I don’t, my stomach will be growling and I’ll feel dizzy from hunger in the morn when i wake up.

8mo ago

same me too!!!!

Yes. I wake 4am every weekday (wkend somehw can ko totally) cos hungry on/off for a few wks 🤦🏼‍♀️ the kind of hunger where i need food now, and cannot go back slp. I standy bread/biscuits and drink milo

8mo ago

same .me too always at that odd weird timing !

I always feel hungry in the middle of the night but I sleep it off and wake up earlier to have breakfast

8mo ago

at times when I lazy ..hehe