Gestational Diabetes

Anyone experienced GD during pregnancy? How do you brave through your insulin shots and how many times a day will you have to do it? Will it leave any bruise? Doctor kept pushing me for insulin but I really do not want to. They said fine but in future I have to mentally prepare myself as highly likely I will have to consider them. I have concerns in many areas, cost wise, pain wise and commitment wise. Can you share your experiences?

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Hi there, i am 34week preg. I no need for insulin but last 2 week visit to dr they said my premeal is high. But the high is 5.7 suppose 5.5. They wanted me to start insulin. Of cos i don want but i still go for the insulin teaching, my brain and my hand can't coordinate i cannot jab myself and cry super stress and i refuse for insulin cos my blood sugar not that sky high. The next day my hubby ask me to slow walk and change my bread to whole meal and my rice is brown rice. And thank god my pre meal back to normal. And today visit they say my baby is small 1800gm. This GD really make me sad confuse stresss and alot more. I really feel you.

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Thanks will try.