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Anyone else has been trying for a second child but no luck? Trying for more than 6 months.. and still no news. 1st child is already 3 years old. Any suggestions on what i should be doing, should i see a doc? Im 31 years old.

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If age is catching up, u may try tcm at ang mo kio one quite famous acupuncture and concurrently seek medical help like IUI or IVF. I tried both and got my 1st one after many years.. Just when I tot I'm closing factory, I kanna second one naturally within a year after the first one coz both of us were clearing leave during year end... so we were both super relax and just enjoy...

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Try po ninyo ni partner magtake ng POWER TRIO (fern d, fern activ at milkca) ng ifern. Base po kasi sa experience ko ilang years na po kami ni hubby nagtry pero bigo then may nagsuggest po sa amin nito at ilang months lang po positive na po. Ngayon 4 months na po si baby namin. Wala naman pong masama kung susubukan po ninyo.

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I tried for a long time for my 2nd child too. It was a very emotional time for me. But it’s true, once I stopped being stressed about it or stressed at work, and just enjoyed the intimacy with my husband, by God’s grace I conceived again. Hope to hear good news from you in time to come :)

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Go for a holiday and let your relaxed hormones do all the job! My #1 and #2 r 5years apart. =) it’s good and bad but we feel there r more pros than cons. My #1 is so helpful with simple tasks when it comes to taking care of the younger sibling!

You should see a doc only if you have been trying for a year without any success. Have you heard of Natural Family Planning and tracking of cervical mucus? Maybe you can google it. Of course, stress won’t help things too. Relax...

Try to relax and not stress over it. I tried mine for 1 year. Same case as you with a 3yo then. Went for a holiday and got my second child =) I guess the more you stress over it the more difficult it is.

Dear All, thank for your replies. I am super lousy at keeping track. So this Sept actually marks the 2nd Yr I have been trying for my 2nd. Seen a doc, all okay. Taking clomid for 6 mths now, still nada. 😔

I am ttc 2nd child too. I was told to consume Mamom Hope. Jz started last week. So currently i am consuming Blackmore's Gold Pregnancy and Mamom Hope. We'll see if it works. Insya Allah.

Hi, not for me personally. You might want to take a look at this article? Hope it helps to address your concerns and next steps.

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Thank you but the link doesnt work?

Monitor your period cycle /get ovulation test kit to confirm the right timing.. If still no good news, can turn to TCM to check the condition of your body

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Been monitoring. But... nth. Any recommendation for tcm?